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  • ITV’s first ever premiere event.
  • Influencer strategy.
  • 121K Facebook Live views.
  • 4k engagements.
  • Live social content.

How we did it

  • Extensive outreach to social influencers to attend the exclusive event to dial up word of mouth and extend conversations to a wider mainstream audience.
  • A Facebook Live Q&A was organised and conducted by Think Jam with star of Victoria - Jenna Coleman.
  • A dedicated team of social media managers worked the red carpet, capturing content via mobile devices as well as professional photography.
  • A Twitter Mirror was installed for cast and guests and published via @ITV. Other assets included Boomerang GIFs, 360 photos, Hyperlapse and slow-mo.
  • ITV users were given unprecedented access to the Victoria Global Premiere event Created a dedicated Snapchat GeoFilter, which was used thoroughly, even by Jenna Coleman herself.
  • Assets captured on the night were repurposed to extend the buzz from the event up to TX date.


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