The Girl on the Train

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What we did

  • Built a 260K Facebook following.
  • #TheGirlOnTheTrain UK trend.
  • Humans of London collaboration.
  • ‘Miss Underground partnership.

How we did it

  • Created a vast selection of premium social content to dial up the thriller genre.
  • Generated a sense of mystery on the official social channels and fully engage the online audience eagerly awaiting this film.
  • Set up collaborations with a range of relevant social influencers to create bespoke, insightful content in the tone of the release.
  • Worked with popular Instagrammer ‘Miss Underground’ for a dedicated activation inspired by the film, as well as live social updates to her extensive following from the world premiere of ‘The Girl on the Train’.
  • Collaborated with ‘The Humans of London’ Facebook community to create a week-long series of installments featuring real life ‘Girls on the Train’ to celebrate the film release, daring commuters to connect and share more with those around them.
  • Created a plethora of visually captivating social assets including cinemagraphs, character cards, GIFs and a Facebook canvas were shared on the popular ‘The Girl on the Train’ social channels to fully encapsulate the mystery and intrigue of the new thriller.


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