Terminator: Dark Fate

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  • Secured key junket coverage with cast including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton from outlets including LADbible, JOE.co.uk, Top Gear Online, MTV, NME and Yahoo Movies.
  • Partnered with GAME's Belong Arena to amplify and brand their Mortal Kombat 11 event with Terminator: Dark Fate. Invited key gaming influencers to give them a chance to play as Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800.
  • Sent key press outlets bespoke Rev-9 illustrations of themselves, which gained coverage from Empire, Total Film, SFX and Yahoo Movies
  • Owned #JudgmentDay on the UK social channels with behind the scenes content, engaging polls and tactical GIFS reaching a total of 518.9K with 34.8K engagements across the channels
  • Amplified key asset break with a Facebook Live and spot prize competition, garnering further engagement and reach from the page


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