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  • Publicity.

How we did it

  • Talent interviews ran with on key sites such as Independent, Metro Online, Grazia Online, Barbican Podcast, HMV, The Hollywood News and The Upcoming.
  • A scene narration clip from Director David Gordon Green ran with Little White Lies.
  • An insight into Jeff Bauman’s book and the film adaptation by the Book Depository An in-depth interview with Jeff Bauman on his incredible recovery and dealing with PTSD ran with Loaded.
  • Collaboration with Humans of London sharing a series of real-life case studies showcasing individuals who have overcome adversity.
  • Extended editorial with Flush the Fashion focusing on the Boston Strong angle depicted in the film.
  • Features focusing on Jake Gyllenhaal as an Awards contender ran with Vulture Hound, Small Screen, The Movie Waffler, The Fan Carpet and Any Good Film.


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