Snoopy and Charlie Brown

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  • Publicity.
  • Social.

How we did it

  • Targeted existing fans by focussing on the nostalgia of the cartoon strip and television show, whilst looking at ways to engage a new, younger audience.
  • Amplified a Twentieth Century Fox and Roseberry’s London partnered online auction of celebrity kennels in order to create awareness of the kennel tour, action and film’s release.
  • Planned effective placements as part of the wider social media posting and social strategy.
  • Created nostalgia amongst our press contacts with a media drop on Snoopy’s Birthday and additional visits from a larger than life Snoopy and Charlie Brown at Christmas time.
  • 14K Facebook Likes.
  • 9M+ Facebook Post Reach.
  • 19.7K+ Twitter Mentions.
  • 10.4M Twitter Reach.


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