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Our team of marketing specialists work hard to ensure our clients score the leading opportunities. Here are a few of our secret weapons which could help achieve campaign success.

Think Tank

This is our dedicated R&D department, tasked with creating cutting edge campaign innovations. From our Jam Bots and VR developments, to location based apps and social selfie generators, our proprietary tools help to build audiences and create award-winning campaign firsts for our clients.

Jam Jar

This is our approach to brainstorming and creativity. We thrive on fresh thinking and out of this world approaches, so much so that we’ve built our own version of Pinterest to channel ideas between our global offices. We’ve constantly got our eyes open and our ears to the ground to shake up our ideas and keep our minds sharp.


Made for creators by a team that champions them, this is our independent marketplace, catering exclusively to microcreators to facilitate meaningful partnerships with brands. We aim to maximise the individuality at the core of this diverse community and drive discovery beyond the current influencer sphere. Learn more.


Stay one step ahead of the game. From bespoke courses, workshops and masterclasses, to exclusive thought leadership dinners and events, our knowledge sharing initiatives empower decision making in our ever changing industry landscape.

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