PAW Patrol Dino Rescue

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What we did

  • Social Toolkit.
  • Short Form Videos.
  • COVID Compliant Shoot.
  • Localisations.

How we did it

  • Using our insights and expertise, we developed a DINO-mite strategy and T-REXcellent concepts to help introduce the brand new Dino Rescue theme to parents and caregivers across the UK, France & Benelux.
  • We created a ROARsome toolkit of assets including 15 short-form videos ranging from 15 seconds to 2 minutes in length, an influencer concept for markets to activate locally and a selection of PAWtastic themed social assets for markets to engage users.
  • During July we completed a fully COVID compliant shoot, creating real-world adventures to inspire kids during play and three DINO-mite tutorials (including an erupting volcano!) for parents and their little ones to try at home.
  • We managed the influencer gifting production for the UK market, designing and producing 10x Dino Discovery boxes for young explorers.
  • A series of social assets were created to drive engagement on social with parents to talk about their little ones and drive awareness of the new series
  • SAUR'ing into action, we then localised all assets for the UK, France and Benelux and delivered any specific needs and requests to these markets.
  • We compiled the above assets and activations into a toolkit document to be activated and shared across the wider EMEA region, including thought starters and recommendations of how best to use the assets online.

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