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  • 8.7M+ social reach

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  • Partnered with Bumble UK to promote the film via their app, newsletter and Instagram, reaching 32% of their 5.8M users, with the first push notification receiving over 1000 clicks in less than 24 hours.
  • Partnered with a variety of grassroots organisations with an overall following of 34K to put on exclusive screenings.
  • Partnered with The Entrepreneurs Network and Female Founders Forum for a screening of the film to promote amongst female entrepreneurs.
  • Partnered with Equality Now to create a video asset to promote the film via their social channels.
  • Worked with Psychologies Magazine for a Facebook Live takeover with prominent charity organisations.
  • Collaborated with Humans of London to promote the film via Facebook case studies which highlighted the film and its inspirational themes.
  • Worked with an Instagram artist Helen Green to create a bespoke Ruth piece.
  • Highlighted and promoted Ruth Bader Ginsburg to a UK audience who were less aware of the notorious RBG than the US.


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