New Year’s Eve


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  • Influencer marketing.

How we did it

  • Partner with a wide range of celebrities and influencers to create humorous, tongue-in-cheek content to support their new product line ‘FU 2020’ (aka Forget You 2020)
  • Create customized FU 2020 kits to send to participants including branded banners, top hats, decorative masks, photo props, swirl decorations, table toppers and much more
  • The influencers’ coverage was shared on their channels utilizing the campaign hashtags #FU2020 and #PartyCity and including a swipe-up to the Party City retail link when shared on Instagram Stories and onto social media platforms
  • The campaign garnered a potential social reach of 59M+ and 12M+ social impressions
  • The retailer sold $900K+ worth of this special line of product

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