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For each episode a guest will be invited on the show to discuss and share their strategic insights on how they grow, adapt, and manage their role within their business, whilst also discussing specific success and learnings from their campaigns and industry trends.

Designed around brands that look to entertain their audience, this is a podcast that not only talks about the here and now, but looks ahead to the future as well both locally and globally. If you’d like to feature in a future episode or know someone who would, we’d love to hear from you.

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09: NFTs in the World of Sport and Entertainment

Think Jam have teamed up with Sheridans, a leading media and technology law firm, for a series of open and recorded conversations on Clubhouse with industry leaders in tech, media and entertainment. For our first Clubhouse conversation, we explored the world of NFTs and how the entertainment and sports industries can innovate in this space. This podcast is an edited version of that live discussion.

08: Independent Film & Digital Distribution w/ Lauren Mann, producer of ‘Lost Girls and Love Hotels’

In this episode, Aaron Kelly, Executive Creative Director, and Stella Ferguson, EVP, talk to Lauren Mann, producer of ‘Lost Girls and Love Hotels’ and ‘Swiss Army Man’. We hear the story behind ‘Lost Girls and Love Hotels’, the decisions on how to distribute during the year of Covid, and how Think Jam worked hand in hand with the producers and director on the creative marketing campaign for the film’s US release.


07: Working From Anywhere w/ Alec McNayr

In this episode Think Jam CEO Daniel Robey, and Senior Account Director Anna Heidecker speak to Alec McNayr, COO at Synonymous. In this conversation, we talk about Alec’s career, and take a deep dive into the world of remote workforces.


06: Global Brand Marketing w/ John Cosley, Senior Director at Microsoft Advertising

In this episode Think Jam CEO Daniel Robey, and Senior Account Director Anna Heidecker speak to John Cosley, Senior Director Global Brand Marketing at Microsoft Advertising. In this insightful conversation, we get a peek at the global marketing strategies behind Microsoft Advertising, how they support and motivate their teams, product-centric versus people-centric marketing, competing with Google and much more.


05: Bill and Ted and Beyond – an interview w/ screenwriter Ed Solomon

In this episode, Daniel Noy and Aaron Kelly talk to Ed Solomon, co-writer of the Bill and Ted trilogy. We explore the history of these most audacious characters, Ed’s career; both the successes and the fortuitous failures, and how Think Jam was instrumental in the creation of the end title sequence of Bill and Ted Face The Music.


04: Storytelling – an interview w/ TV writer-director Ben Chanan

For this episode, Think Jam host Daniel Noy is joined by Ben Chanan, award-winning TV writer, director, and producer. Ben’s most recent show The Capture, starring Holliday Grainger, Callum Turner and Ron Perlman, just launched on NBC’s new streaming channel Peacock in the US and was broadcast last year on BBC One in the UK.


03: Challenges of Launching Global Market Campaigns w/ Todd Huntley

For this episode, Think Jam hosts Alex Robson and Rory Hallam are joined by Todd Huntley, a pioneer in launching global campaigns in the entertainment marketing sector, with notable roles as the SVP of international theatrical marketing for 20th century Fox for Europe.


02: The Future Of Video Production Post Covid

For this episode, Think Jam hosts Alex and Aaron are joined by Olly and Zach from EVEN, a video production company that handles shoots all over the world. Our hosts and guests discuss the potential future of video production in a post Covid world and what changes/ideas that could be implemented in order to accommodate for mandated social distancing.


01:  A Chat w/ Daniel Robey – CEO of Think Jam

For our first episode, host Alex Robson sits down with the founder and CEO of Think Jam, Daniel Robey. Daniel shares his extensive knowledge and experience working and producing content for entertainment brands over the last two decades and discusses how Think Jam has adapted to become leading innovators in their fields of expertise.


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