Introducing Jam3

As experts in entertainment and the digital landscape, we’ve been carefully monitoring the shifts and cultural changes around the metaverse and all it’s connected friends. While the space is still relatively new, we see huge potential for growth amongst our high value franchise clients – as well as the risk potential to engage in the wrong areas – and as a result, we have launched a new dedicated consultation service, Jam3.

We’ve brought together the best minds from Think Jam with trusted expert partners to launch a new world-class solution. Whether you’re looking to explore the potentials of NFTs and smart contracts, or build new worlds and experiences in the metaverse – we’ve assembled the critical skills, experience, creativity and acumen to explore the boundless opportunities of web3 and launch your IP into new areas of growth, revenue, innovation and online community.

As Jam3, we will be focused on three main areas:


From creating NFT and metaverse strategies, to running training workshops, planning launches, and exploring the best approach to monetize IP, we ensure the brand and long term legacy is always front and center.

Creative Direction

We’ve created unique drops, artefacts and collections utilising our clients IP, as well as providing creative direction for effective solutions, environments and partnerships.

Expert Partners

Our partner network provide specific advice and expertise on the technology, legal implications, rights, and platform execution for making the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Our base retainers start as low as £2,000 a month, and scale up to full global launches. To explore where we may be able to help you and your franchise or property, please say hi at


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