Why we’re different:

We have 5,000 campaigns under our belt. Many award-winning campaign strategies have relied on our learning and experience.

Data is everywhere. Making sense of that data is harder than ever. Expert interpretation is essential. Deeper levels of audience understanding – nuanced behaviours, diverse needs – can power valuable, actionable insight.

Where insight is needed, we provide it. Understanding and building audience personas for brands. Audience-first strategies for entertainment franchises. Optimising content for influencer partners. And much, much more.

What We Do:

We deliver meaningful global insights.

By fusing traditional digital consumer research techniques with next-generation social audience behaviour (and some AI thrown in), we create deeper, more meaningful audience analysis.

Our team of data scientists, researchers and social specialists deliver insights which are easily digestible, meaningful, and most importantly, actionable.

From custom dashboards to deep-dive analysis of owned, earned and desired audiences, we’ve got you covered.

Features & Benefits:

  • Careful listening and linguistic analysis of unprompted conversations helps us to understand not only what people are talking about, but also where, when, why and to whom.
  • By diving into the world of a brand we establish category landscapes. People’s engagements, likes and interests give us an understanding of communities and help to identify new audiences.
  • Analysis of social platform usage in key markets reveals valuable behavioural patterns. Beyond the relationship with the brand, there’s a wealth of data relating to broader attitudes and interests of target demographics.
  • Deep analysis of unprompted search behaviour gives strong indicators of an audience’s needs.
  • Tracking the path from social media activity to purchase reveals strong patterns that connect influence with behaviour.

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