High Rise


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What we did

  • Teaser Trailer Creation.

How we did it

  • Using specially shot B-Roll footage and material from the feature, we created an announcement piece to submerge the audience into the film’s world, illustrating Ben Wheatley’s unique vision, a potent blend of decadence and despair.
  • Set up a real-life advertisement for the titular London apartment complex.
  • Worked with Tom Hiddleston for the narration of the teaser,
  • Guided the audience through the spectacular world, hinting at the sordid, sinister reality lurking beneath the sleek surface.
  • Used abrupt, quick cuts and flash frames to subtly suggest the danger and despair behind Hiddleston’s monologue.
  • The creative was declared as a “teaser trailer that can stand on its own merit as a piece of storytelling” making the cut “inherently more personal and therefore more shareable”
  • National coverage.


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