Ford V Ferrari: The Perfect Lap Tour


Who it's for

What we did

  • Publicity.
  • Experiential.
  • Talent Handling.

How we did it

  • Five large-scale coast-to-coast press, influencer and consumer events in various cities within a four-week period.
  • Engaged consumers in their natural environments with activations at various car rallies and auto shows including poster signings with film talent and cars from the film.
  • Leveraged car influencers, auto press and film press for a VIP experience and unprecedented access to a pit crew in action at an auto race.
  • Slo-mo Winners’ Circle video booth opp with real champagne for attendees to spray.
  • 30k+ consumers reached live at events.
  • 10 national and regional broadcast segments.
  • 55 print and online press breaks.
  • 1,300 posters signed by talent in-person.


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