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  • Publicity.

How we did it

  • Increased consumer awareness of Fandor and the company’s streaming service within the Canadian marketplace; showcasing their comprehensive catalogue of available films in order to drive subscriptions to the service.
  • Created a custom-built interactive map of Canada using ThinkLink Technology, setting up hotspots across each Canadian province for users to interact with.  
  • Included customised content within each hotspot, showcasing either a trailer, a spotlight on a Canadian filmmaker or a film image, all relevant to each specific province.
  • Included the functionality to directly link back to a dedicated page on the official Fandor website, providing the user with further film information and encouraging them explore the site and subscribe.
  • Partnered with top tier cinephile-centric Canadian website, to debut the spotlight as an exclusive to their on-site readers and via their social channels.
  • Syndicated to a wider cross-section of Canadian sites and blogs as well as shared across official Fandor platforms.

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