Cranked Up

Publicity, Influencers

Who it's for

What we did

  • Branded promo kits.
  • Horror press & influencers.
  • 1.2M reach.
  • 12% Instagram growth.  
  • 22% Twitter growth.

How we did it

  • Capitalised on ‘Crank’ as a character and their newest film release, Don’t Leave Home, to generate social awareness for the new Cranked Up brand.
  • Created a promo kit including a branded box, rosary beads, phone ring, mouse pad, still images of Crank as favorite horror icons and a DVD of Don’t Leave Home.
  • Delivered 25 promo kits to horror press and influencers.
  • Secured horror press and influencers including Dread Central, Elly Cat, Wicked Horror, Daily Dead and more.

Our Work

Over 3000 campaigns
50+ awards
Global capabilities
Marketing specialists

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