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What we did

  • Pager Drop.
  • Coverage.
  • Talent Shares.

How we did it

  • Implemented a Captain Marvel press drop to coincide with the release of the film in UK IMAX, targeting key outlets and influencers.
  • Secured coverage across top tier outlets such as Empire, Total Film, Fandom, GameSpot Universe, Cineworld and Digital Spy.
  • Gained the support of influencers such as Amazing Arabella, JD the Super Car Kid and Ortis Deley.
  • Encouraged film talent to share content across their social channels.
  • Generated organic coverage on popular social news aggregator Reddit and Weibo, one of China‚Äôs biggest social media platforms.
  • 25k Combined Engagements.
  • 11.9M OTS


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