WINNER: 2019 YouTube Works Awards

Think Jam is a YouTube Works 2019 Award Winner!

We’d like to thank and congratulate our very own X-Force for breaking the ‘Fourth Wall’ and delivering such an exceptional Deadpool 2 HE YouTube campaign.

Teaming up Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Mindshare, we worked to create an ‘industry first’ campaign for the Home Entertainment release of Deadpool 2. Keen to engage audiences by utilising the infectious personality of Deadpool himself, our team went about devising a campaign that saw our red spandex clad hero interacting with, and trolling, fans in the same way that has set him apart from every other superhero character.

Using a multi-step branching sequence to drive digital download, with Deadpool providing the skip and view messaging, viewers were delighted with the bespoke content they were shown.

Each bespoke skippable pre-roll identified where the viewer was on their journey. Initially being served an action-packed trailer for the film, if they watched the full video, they would be greeted by a very thankful Deadpool on their next visit to YouTube; offering them the opportunity to watch an unseen and deleted scene as a sign of his undying gratitude. If they skipped, however, the baby handed hero would return to address them and the point directly…

“Although you skipped me, to me, you are still perfect.”

Results saw an increase of 198% in organic title searches and in-stream sequence drove an uplift in engagement of 60.22%, compared to the industry benchmark of 25%.

Learn more about our winning campaign and the YouTube Works 2019 Awards here


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