Will VR be the Saviour of Marketing?

Daniel Robey speaks to The Drum.

“What are we saving marketing from? Today’s industry is full of opportunity for brands to utilise technology and engage audiences. We can’t stand still. We have to keep up with the rising demands of modern living. It is our responsibility as marketers to keep trying new things, keep taking advantage of the tools available and keep challenging the status quo, to create fresh experiences. The role virtual reality plays, is not the saviour of marketing, but the amplifier. VR will enrich marketing as part of its continued evolution, playing a strong role as an extension of a brand or product, putting the audience at the heart of the entertainment. It’s tangible, exciting, interactive and heavily connected with mobile. Marketing is about creating experiences. VR creates another dimension to an experience; not to mention that when in a headset, you have the complete, undivided attention of the individual. VR adds real value long term if it’s used on the right product, at the right time, targeted at the right audience. There are currently lots of gimmicks being teased to add fun, however the game changers have not arrived yet. There are a few big apps coming out over the next few months, which will change everything about how VR is consumed and used. It has been predicted that over 12 million virtual reality headsets will be sold in 2017, so what are we all waiting for?”


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