VidCon 2017: Key Takeaways

Outlet: The Drum

Author: Sami Westwood

We have been engaging influencers on our movie campaigns for a number of years now. I worked with my first influencer on a campaign five years ago and like all things digital, it’s an ever-moving feast.

In order to keep our agency ahead of the curve, last week I headed to VidCon in Anaheim. The passion and creativity from the creators and marketers there was tangible and the enthusiasm from the fans was as powerful as anticipated. Fans clamoured and queued to get a glimpse of their favourite creator(s). Their excitement was palpable.

The industry panels I attended were wonderfully insightful and both validated the Think Jam approach and brought to the table new ways of working and measuring success.

Read Sami’s top eight takeaways from VidCon to apply to your influencer marketing strategy, today.


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