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The topic of our January ‘Thinkwellbeing’ programme focuses on the ‘Headspace app’. We spoke to our publicist Melanie Pearson about the benefits of the app and how it has helped her overall wellbeing.

To destroy them January blues- “learn to meditate and live mindfully” by signing up to Headspace.

What motivated you to download the ‘Headspace’ app?

I had previously heard lots of good things about Headspace from friends. When Think Jam announced the Wellness programme and that they were offering us all a budget to put towards things like this it seemed like the perfect time to give it a try.

What benefits does the app have?

The app is great for teaching you the basics of meditation. There are three starter packages with 10 meditation exercises in each. Initially, they are just 2-3 minutes long building up to 10 minutes. Each exercise has similarities but you learn new skills as you go and they give you things to practice during the day if you want to. They can also send daily notifications to your phone to keep you focused. After the basic training, there are lots of different meditation packages to choose from such as Sport, Productivity, Kindness etc. I’m looking forward to working through them all!

How has headspace helped you?

The concept is to avoid thinking too much about the past or future but to stay in the present. I’m in the early stages of learning about meditation but it’s already helping me to focus on what is important. I also really like that it encourages you to meditate for the benefit of others around you, I think that’s really nice.

Headspace has so many benefits for the workplace in particular helping to keep you focussed and motivated, this is especially useful when you have a busy task list but need to concentrate on one job. Headspace definitely has a calming effect on me, which is helpful in a busy environment!

Would you recommend headspace?


Mel, what does ‘wellbeing’ mean to you?

It means being happy and calm and being able to help others to feel happy and calm.


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