Think Jam Media Director Joins Sizmek Panel

On July 9th Rory Hallam spoke to over 240 global advertising and agency listeners about Think Jam’s experience and best-practise for mobile design, using the Sizmek ad builder.

You can watch the recording of the webinar here on Sizmek’s YouTube channel. We also put together a short show reel of creative HTML5 examples, that you can check out here.

The theme of the event was 6 Rules To Break If You Want To Make Great Mobile Ads. Below is a short summary of the rules covered in the talk:

Rule 1: Provide an abundance of content so the user has all of the information at once.

Break it: Analyze user context, then provide concise, valuable content that allows the user to accomplish simple tasks.


Rule 2: Design advertisements with only the mouse in mind.

Break it: Let’s update our ads’ interfaces with simple, touch-friendly designs for the win!


Rule 3: Desktop banners work great!

Break it: Cramming desktop to mobile doesn’t work.


Rule 4: Digital advertising is best created in Flash.

Break it: HTML5 yo!


Rule 5: Without the same reporting as desktop, mobile isn’t worth the time.

Break it: There are different ways to get the data you need.


Rule 6: Build ads in a closed system.

Break it: Build however you want, import them into MDX.


HTML5 performs 400% better than Flash on mobile! Read about this and more in Sizmek’s Mobile Index Report.


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