The News Feed: Twitter Celebrates Valentines Day

14th February 2020
Ben Hordos & Gabby Hurn – Team Social at Think Jam

From Twitter’s Valentine’s activation to Spotify launching a new app, get up-to-date on all things social.


Facebook Testing a ‘See More Posts From…’ Button

Although very early in it’s testing phase and only on desktop, the feature will appear for admins of groups on in-feed posts. Group members will be able to click to see more content from each admin or moderator, increasing the trackability of actions taken by each group member.

With Facebook heavily focusing on Groups, it’ll be interesting to see how this develops and whether any brands look to test and learn. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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Facebook Dating Delayed in Europe


Twitter Launches ‘Dating Advice Bureau’ For Valentines Day

Taking mortifying stories, cringeworthy confessions, and unlikely advice from Tweets and making them into installations in Covent Garden. Twitter is celebrating the embarrassing top Tweets to celebrate Valentine’s Day in an ‘anti’ fashion.

Twitter’s comment: “We want to honour the true reality around the modern world of dating on Valentine’s Day, by bringing the most raw and relatable Tweets to life at the Advice Bureau”

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Twitter Continues to Target ‘Fake News’


The FTC Calls For a Review on Endorsement Guidelines

The FTC is calling for tougher penalties on companies who disguise their advertising on social platforms. Having previously released guidelines for companies and influencers to follow, these have not been enforced with many still not being clear on paid advertising. 

This new focus will hold companies accountable, rather than influencers. Now more than ever, brands, agencies and those who work with influencers need to be on top of all guidelines, from both the brand and creator point of view.

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Instagram Testing Trimming Tool for Stories


YouTube Testing ‘Buy Applause’ Button

Following in Twitch’s footsteps, YouTube is looking for new ways to help creators earn more money. The new feature allows users to purchase a ‘clapping animation’ that appears over the video they want to support – this animation is only shown privately to the buyer. Still within its testing period, users can currently spend up to $2 per ‘clap’ to support their favourite creators.

This is a clear bid to try and migrate more creators to the platform as more and more platforms are stepping up their creator monetization offering.

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YouTube Looking Into TV Subscription Services


TikTok Launches ‘TikTok Tips’ Account

Aiming to ‘promote privacy, safety, and positive vibes’, TikTok has enlisted popular TikTok creators to populate a brand new TikTok Tips account with messages about user safety and well-being, including information on how the platform’s safety tools work. 

This activity aligns with the platform’s wider effort to encourage a safer and more positive space for users. Along with their updated Community Guidelines, this is a great step forward for the platform to help their audience make the most of TikTok and what it has to offer.

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Rise of Fake TikTok Profiles


Spotify Launching Kids App

A first for the platform, Spotify is launching a specific app alongside their original. Spotify editors have selected child-friendly songs and stories delivering age-appropriate content to kids aged three and upwards. Parents can select if their child fits in the ‘younger’ category, where Spotify will serve lullabies and nursery rhymes or the ‘older’ category where they will be able to listen to pop music. 

The new development will be very interesting to watch, especially for family brands hoping to reach the younger generations and families. 

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Spotify Now Lets You Search by Songwriter

Cardi B Breaks Records on Spotify


Snapchat Tests Redesign

Snapchat is going for a new, simplified look. The Snap Map (which displays your friends locations) is now placed to the left of your chats, whilst ‘Discover’ has been renamed ‘Community’. Snapchat’s original series have also taken centre stage, next to community, confirming the brands focus on this type of content. They’re also adding a navigation bar, providing a much easier and efficient user experience.

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Snapchat Launching Wellness Tools


Billie Eilish Releases ‘No Time To Die’ for Bond

Will Smith Reveals BTS of Bad Boys

First look at Robert Pattinson as Batman

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