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20th January 2020
Ben Hordos & Gabby Hurn – Team Social at Think Jam

From Boomerangs getting an upgrade to Twitter introducing new ad formats, find out what’s new in social this week.


Mark Hamill Leaves Facebook as Facebook Shares Soar

Star Wars legend Mark Hamill has publicly left Facebook this week, holding Mark Zuckerberg to account for false advertising on the platform, stating that they care more about profits than honesty. Will this cause another wave of people leaving the platform as we saw in 2019? We’ll be keeping a close eye. In the meantime, it’s not all doom and gloom for Facebook as shares peak and are predicted to continue to rise. Zuckerberg outlined 2020 plans for the platform with a focus on empowering younger audiences, along with creating smaller and more personal communities.

Activating communities and responsible advertising will both be integral to success on Facebook this year.

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Facebook Pauses Plans to Put Ads in Whatsapp
Facebook App Joins Twitter


Twitter Announces Promoted Trend Spotlight

Twitter’s newest ad product has been revealed, brands are now able to place video content front and centre in the Explore tab. Already used by the likes of Disney+, the 6-second video content will appear above trending topics and hashtags.

With only 6 seconds available for this ad placement, content needs to be more thumb-stopping than ever.

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Instagram Brings New Features to Help You Edit Your Boomerang Videos

As TikTok challenges Instagram for the filtered video crown, the platform has launched big updates to the Boomerang tool within Instagram Stories. With new features including duo, slo-mo, and echo, users will be able to create even more fun, personalised content within the platform.

This is good news for social coverage at events and junkets, providing brands and users with another fun way to capture content – especially when dedicated time with talent and influencers is available.

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Instagram Is Hiding Faked and Photoshopped Images
Instagram Testing DMs on Desktop


YouTube Launches Profile Cards

In late 2019, YouTube began testing a new feature called ‘Profile Cards’ which showed a user’s public information and comment history. With the ability to see past comments, the feature was advertised as a way for creators to easily identify their biggest fans. Now, YouTube is launching the product on Android to the general public.

This is certainly something to keep an eye on as YouTube hopes the new feature will help users “explore comments, build connections with others, and contribute to a more welcoming YouTube overall”, suggesting that the platform is focusing on audience interests, communities, and building meaningful connections.

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YouTube Signs Three of The Biggest Gamers From Twitch
Audience Setting Enhances Kids Privacy on YouTube


Love Island Partners with TikTok

We were all hit by the winter sun on Sunday with the start of the new series of Love Island, but this time there’s a new partnership that has everyone talking – TikTok. The partnership includes a freshly launched Love Island channel on the social platform which will share exclusive content throughout the series – so keep an eye on it!

We think this really shows TikTok means business in 2020, will your brand be the next to hit the platform? If you’re not on it, it might be time to seriously reconsider.

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TikTok Hype House signed by Hollywood agency
TikTok X IFlix Partnership


Spotify Launches Personalised Podcast Ads

Utilising their Streaming Ad Insertion technology, Spotify will be using information such as age, gender, location and interests to select ads to play inside its exclusive podcasts for each individual user. Brands are now able to recieve more in-depth data than typical ad placement.

Podcast listening has become more and more popular, and understanding your target audience’s interests outside of TV and film is key to successfully reaching and engaging users. A mixture of editorial podcasts and advertising will be the key to success with the format in 2020.

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Spotify Rivals Apple as Leading Podcast Streaming Platform
Podcast Created by York Academic to Comfort Lonely Dogs Left At Home


Pinterest Overtakes Snapchat as Third-Largest Social Platform in US

Despite Snapchat’s comeback in 2019 and it’s popularity with younger users, Pinterest’s universal appeal has helped it overtake Snapchat as the third-largest social platform in the US. After the report was released, shares of Pinterest surged as much as 12%.

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