Encouraging More Inclusivity in Advertising

Outlet: The Drum

It can be said that inclusiveness in advertising has taken a step forward recently, particularly with campaigns such as McCann New York’s ’Fearless Girl’ that champions female empowerment and leadership, and more recently Smirnoff’s partnership with the LGBT foundation for its campaign ’We’re Open’, which hopes to encourage a more socially inclusive experience for the LGBTQ+ community on nights out.

Although efforts have been made, there’s no doubt that there’s still a long way to go for many communities to feel represented in this industry, such as people with disabilities.

In this Vox Pop, The Drum Network asks its agency members how they would tackle this problem to make the advertising world a more inclusive place.

Our Client Services Director Naomi Ticehurst shared her view:

“The question all marketers should be asking is how can we create the change we want to see? Being an entertainment-marketing agency, we work on many film projects, which talk to hugely active communities. It is our role to bring their voice to mainstream to help with wider understanding and equal opportunities. Working with influencers is a big part of this, but it is important to broaden your usual network by looking at a diverse range of influencers and partnering with mainstream publishers on the content. Inclusivity needs to be reflected in the planning for it to feel natural in the campaign. The most important thing is that it the group is represented fairly and realistically. I’d love for us to get to a point where people don’t see the difference and inclusivity is just the norm.”


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