Five Ways To Elevate Live Social Content

What can great behind-the-scenes content teach us about capturing content on the fly?

Being on a busy red carpet and only having a split second with talent has taught us so much about creating great content out of spontaneous moments. From Lady Gaga to Johnny Depp, we’ve been capturing live behind-the-scenes highlights for years. In 2020, we’ve already seen a wealth of great content from The Oscars, The BRITs and the NBA All-Star Game. But what content performs when it comes to all-access, and what should you be thinking about at live events this year?

1. Strive to give the online audience a unique perspective.

Consider the different roles of each format you’re capturing at the event and make sure each has its own unique angle. If there’s a polished livestream to YouTube, and professional glossy shots for press, consider the roles of Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or even Snapchat - and don’t seek to duplicate content but instead roll out a mini campaign strategy for each platform on the night. 


2. Maximise time with talent to create highly shareable moments.

We know this can be challenging and time is often minimal, but whether it be a sportsperson, singer, actor or model, securing time with talent is vital to creating shareable moments that elevate your event on social. Concepts should always be informed by platform, trends, and audience to ensure your content has real purpose. Keep it quick, keep it simple, and explain your concept clearly to get the best results on the ground.


3. Utilise the latest technology to create standout content.

In the age of the smartphone it may seem somewhat slow to consider professional camera setups for social, but the latest tech is a really effective way to bring your event to life with striking high quality output. Consider investing in a professional team like Think Jam for content that is social-first, but broadcast quality for any placement needs. You should also consider working this type of content into your media plan.



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BILLIE EILISH!! Finally everyone! I probably get 30 requests a day to post this, so much so I had to tell her in person. LOL. I really love what she did her. It’s always a bit of a variable when someone goes “I GOT CHU” like instantaneously, I just never know what they got in their head. But I don’t know why I would question her, cause she killed it! It was so her too, just a subtle move, kind of framing and covering her face, adding to her mystery. Kudos Billie. 100% on point. Also, sometimes I feel like a jerk being like “move an inch back, okay too far, now an inch forward, okay a smidge to your right” LOL. The issue is, at 1000 FPS we are SO SHALLOW with the depth of felt, it’s only inches deep, so if talent isn’t on the mark they will not be in focus, and it ruins the whole thing. Luckily @billieeilish is the sweetest person every and didn’t have a problem with me continually adjusting her position. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I wish everyone could add a bit of sexy mystery to their GlamBOT 🤖🎥 Song: Bad Guy - Billie Eilish (listen to how the high hats and flashes hit on the beat!! 🔥🔥🔥) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For more GlamBOTS follow: @colewalliser #billieeilish #academyawards #glambotbts

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4. Partner with creators who can produce authentic content for your brand.

Leverage creators and influencers to put a personal spin on your event content, whilst also benefiting from their sizable followings. Whether it’s a popular TikTok creator or a distinctive YouTuber, consider what their creativity can bring to the table.

In these examples, the NBA partnered with three of the world’s leading TikTok creators to reach a younger demographic and produce highly organic trending content from the NBA All-Star Game.


@nbaJoking around with the Joker (Nikola Jokic)! addisonre dixiedamelio charlidamelio #allstarmoment ⭐️NBA All-Star Game 📺: Feb. 16 8pm/et TNT♬ Bagaikan Langit(cover) - _ucil👑

@nbaaddisonre teaches the chicagobulls Luvabulls how to Renegade! #allstarmoment♬ original sound - nba


5. Think beyond the moment.

It’s important to create and capture content that helps sustain the relevancy of your moment and maximises investment. Although the biggest splash will happen whilst live, how can you plan for the following days and weeks to sustain interest? If there’s a broadcast or livestream, consider cutting digestible short form video highlights and curating playlists on YouTube. Capture behind-the-scenes of the behind-the-scenes to give the audience a unique view into how your content was achieved.



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Just moments before @stormzy took to The #BRITs stage 🙌

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