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  • Planned a full experiential day for invited press and influencers with activities including a moon rover ride on one of film’s specially fit custom vehicles, G-Shock machine ride, private tour of Spaceport American and a panel conversation with Astronauts Leland Melvin & Ellen Ochoa as well as Former NASA Engineer/Ad Astra Technical Consultant Robert Yowell about the future of space travel as presented in the film. Content from the day garnered nearly 5 million impressions and covered by, Nerdist and Collider, among others. 
  • Reached out to Mondotees working hand-in-hand with their artist to create a one-of-a-kind poster depicting a key theme of the film. All 250 posters created have sold out.  
  • Worked with Color Palette Cinema to create a post with one of the film's aesthetically boldest scenes, which received over 25,000 likes.


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