A Bad Moms Christmas

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  • Social.
  • Publicity.
  • Influencers.

How we did it

  • Secured 21+ outlets for the Sky Zone press event, resulting in placements on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra, AP TV, Us Weekly and Today Show.com.
  • Confirmed 15 parenting and female lifestyle influencers to participate in a Twitter View-along party of the film.
  • Worked with four lifestyle influencers with a combined reach of 835k to host at-home viewing parties, extending coverage of the film across their different platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and their blogs.
  • Secured clip placements on top-tier outlets including Entertainment Tonight, Bravo TV and Perez Hilton, amassing a combined reach of 24mm monthly visitors.
  • Partnership with HopSkipDrive earned 20k impressions through the company’s social media campaign and was amplified by talent (Kristen Bell), reaching her 8mm fans on social media.


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